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We are dedicated to carrying only the highest quality 100% authentic E-juices, mods, devices and vape gear the industry has to offer, in our stores.


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Our product selection is quite extensive and you are sure to find something you can't live without! We are here to help you find exactly what you are looking for.  We carry vape products from such companies as VSR, Geek Vapes, Steady Moddin, Jam Monster, KC, Anarchist, Sad Boy, and countless others. We strive to keep the widest selection possible so everyone can find something they love, from affordable prices to specific flavors of vape juice.  One of our three stores is centrally located around North Lake County, The Villages, Apopka and Orlando.  

 The Vape Industry is Under Attack

Freedom Vapes asks you to help us fight back

Flavored E-Liquid is at Risk of Being Banned 

Hey folks. The vape industry has been wrongfully accused of harming people.  Nicotine E-liquids are at risk of being banned on the Federal level as the result of illicit cartridges containing illegal and harmful substances, such as vitamin E acetate, damaging the lungs of its users.  Flavored Nicotine E-juice has saved the lives of millions by helping them quit combustible tobacco products. We have links here for you to contact the president and your State and local representatives.  


One of our most powerful tools to reach out to President Trump is Twitter. If you don't already have one, create a Twitter account and Tweet to the President (link below) "vaping saved my life with flavored E-juice. I vape I vote. Include the hashtags: #IVapeIVote and #VapeBan. 

The Time to Act to save Vaping is Now!

Not only can we risk losing legal flavor vaping on the Federal level, but we can also lose it on the State level.  Contact your Florida Representatives to let them know how a flavor ban would affect you.  Senators, Marco Rubio (202)224-3041, Rick Scott (202)224-5274 and 12th Congressional District Gus Bilirakis (202)225-5755 and 13th Congressional District Charlie Christ (202)225-6961. Be courteous and polite. 


Freedom Vapes is committed to the fight against underage vaping. By only buying products from reputable companies who follow this practice, such as Naked 100, checking IDs and helping to educate the public. The vaping industry is very important to us to help adults kick the smoking habit and as an industry, we have to follow rules set forth by the FDA to ensure no vaping products get into the hands of children. If you have any questions, visit one of our stores where we have pamphlets and literature to help educate the public.   

Three Locations to Serve You

Knowledgable and Friendly, Helpfull Staff to Help Guide You through the World of Vape

Mount Dora, FL

Our Mount Dora location is always fully stocked with the newest and most popular vape juices and setups. Don't have what you want? Let us know and we will try to carry it! 



Umatilla, FL

Located in the quaint town of Umatilla, in North Lake County, Florida, we have an unsurpassed selection of E-juices,  Mods and Devices.


Leesburg, FL

Our newest and biggest store is right on Hwy 441 in Leesburg, FL! Dedicated staff, a 36' E-Juice wall and tasting bar. Central location for Leesburg, Tavares, The Villages and a convenient distance from Oralndo!


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